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Seal Bicolor

BAI LI is a typical laid back, loving, floppy Ragdoll. He loves attention and always wants to be by my side. The most affectionate boy yet.

Bai Li



Luban is a Minut with very thick short legs. Squirrel-like fluffy big tail. His brother got a great place in the competition, and I saw pictures of them looking exactly the same. But he's still single, and I'll slowly find a beautiful and elegant bride for him.


British Shorthair

Ball is a cold boy, he is the king of the family, and every cat surrenders to him. He likes to overlook everything from the top of the cat climbing frame


Thunder is a striking blue bicolor Ragdoll male cat with a gentle and friendly personality. He has a gorgeous blue coat with white markings on his chest, paws, and face, and is a perfect example of his breed. Thunder is an intelligent and active cat who loves to play and explore his surroundings. He is also very affectionate and enjoys spending time with his human companions. Thunder is a cherished member of our cattery and brings joy and happiness to everyone around him.


This is Nero, a charming seal bicolor Ragdoll cat with a regal appearance. Nero is one of the breeding male cats in our cattery, with a gorgeous black and white coat and a gentle and friendly temperament. He loves to interact with humans and is highly intelligent and curious.

Nero is an outstanding Ragdoll cat with a graceful demeanor and a majestic appearance, embodying all the best qualities of the breed. As a breeding male cat, Nero will help produce many healthy and adorable Ragdoll kittens, bringing joy and happiness to many families.

We are proud to have Nero as part of our breeding program and invite you to learn more about this remarkable seal bicolor Ragdoll cat.

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